Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association Versatility Awards The Canadian Shetland Sheepdogs Association is pleased to be able to offer Versatility Certificates to the member-owners of top versatility dogs across Canada. To receive such an award, a team (owner/handler and dog) must meet a set of requirements as outlined by the executive of the CSSA. There are currently two levels of award available; VC and VCX In order to determine whether your Sheltie qualifies for either of these awards, please read the information below and then proceed to the application form  
CSSA - VC/VCX AWARD CRITERIA Versatility Certificate Application available in PDF Format Versatility Certificate Application available in WORD Format CONFORMATION - Pts. Earned 7  DCH (Conf. CH + Hearding CH.) 6  Grand Champion - GCH 5 Champion (CH) 3  Dog has earned 3 pts. 1  Dog has a 2 pt. win   PERFORMANCE (Obedience) - Pts. Earned 6  Grand Master Obedience Trial Ch - GMOTCH 5  Master Obedience Trial Champion - MOTCH 4  Obedience Trial Champion Excellent - OTCHX 3   Obedience Trial Champion – OTCH 2  Companion Dog Excellent - CDX 1  Companion Dog - CD PERFORMANCE (Agility) - Pts. Earned 5  Agility Master Champion – AG.M.CH 4  Agility Master Excellent - AG.M.X 3  Agility Excellent - AG.X 2  Agility Intermediate - AG.I 1  Agility Novice - AG.N PERFORMANCE (Herding) - Pts. Earned 6  Herding Chamion – HCHS, HCHS, HCHT 5  Herding Excellent – HX 4   Herding Advanced - HA 3  Herding Intermediate HI 2  Herding Started – HS 1  Herding Tested – HT PERFORMANCE (Rally) - Pts. Earned 4  Rally Advanced Excellent - RAE 3  Rally Excellent - RE 2  Rally Advanced - RA 1  Rally Novice - RN PERFORMANCE (Tracking) - Pts. Earned 6  Champion Tracker- CT 5  Urban Tracking Dog Excellent - UTDX 4  Urban Tracking Dog - UTD 3  Tracking Dog Excellent - TDX 2  Tracking Dog - TD The dog must have at least 1 point in Conformation and one point in at least 3 of the 5 performance areas, and a total of 10 Points for VC The dog must have at least 3 points in Conformation and at least 2 points in 3 of the 5 Performance Areas and a total of 15 Points for VCX For each title that you are claiming points for, you must attach a photocopy of your CKC Certificate for that title.
Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association