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CAN CH CALABAR NIGHT HEAT CAN CD ROMC (D)  Sire: Am./Can. Ch. Barwood's Impact ROM/ROMC  Dam: Calabar Opening Night ROMC  Owned by: Jo Ann Pavey  Bred By: Jo Ann Pavey  Total Champion Offspring: 10   CALABAR OPENING NIGHT ROMC (B)  Sire: AM CH Macdega Time Bandit  Dam: AM/CAN CH Whitegates Only Make Believe  Owned by: Jo Ann & Terry Pavey  Bred by: Jo Ann Pavey  Total Champion Offspring:  5   CAN CH CANDEGA'S ETERNAL JOY ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Macdega Mastery  Dam: Candega Evening Edition  Total Champion Offspring:  5   CAN CH CANDEGA'S JUST BI CHANCE ROMC (D)  Sire: Macdega Beyond A Shadow  Dam: CAN CH Candega Keyboard  Total Champion Offspring:  10   AM/CAN CH CANDEGA'S PANACHE ROMC (D)  Sire: CAN CH Candega Main Event  Dam: Candega Homestead Nominee  Owned by: Daphney Allen  Bred by: Ralph & Brenda Urwin  Total Champion Offspring:  17   CAN CH CANDEGA'S PRIORITY AT SHARROW ROMC (B)  Sire: AM CH Rockwoods Gold Strike ROM/ROMC   Dam: CAN CH Candega's Hallmark Total Champion Offspring:  5   CAN CH CANDEGA'S SPECTRUM ROMC (D)  Total Champion Offspring: 10   CAN CH CANDEGA'S SURE THING ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Macdega Oh Mi On Key  Dam: CAN CH Candega Thirty-Four Times  Total Champion Offspring:  5 Carmylie Bi Mystique, ROMC Sire:  Am. Ch. Prinhill Jazzbo, ROM Dam:   Carmylie Carrie O'Kassank Breeder:  Jean Simmonds Owner:    Judy Quirk Total Champion Offspring: 5     AM/CAN CH CARMYLIE FOREMOST ALL'S FAIR AM/CAN CD ROMC (D)      Sire: Banchory Reflection ROM/ROMC       Dam: Carmylie Kaher K-Sarah AM/CAN CDX, BDA CD ROMC  Owned by: Jean D. Simmonds  Bred by: Jean D. Simmonds & Gina Loffredo Total Champion Offspring:  10   AM/CAN CH CARMYLIE THE FRONTRUNNER ROMC (D)      Sire: A/C CH Carmylie The Merry Chase AM UD, CAN CDX, ROMC      Dam: CAN CH Lorien's Wish Upon A Star  Owned by:   Bred by:   Total Champion Offspring:  10 CARMYLIE KAHER K-SARAH AM/CAN CDX, BDA CD ROMC (B)  Sire: AM CH Heatherland's Simon Says ROM   Dam: AM/CAN CH Carmylie Carioca Of Kaher CDX  Owned by:Gina Loffredo & Jean D. Simmonds   Bred by: Kay E. Tinner & Jean D. Simmonds   Total Champion Offspring:  7   AM/CAN CH CARMYLIE THE MERRY CHASE AM UD CAN CDX  ROMC (D)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Carmylie Formost All's Fair AM/CAN CD            ROMC  Dam: AM CH Lorien's Galadrial  Owned by: Barbara A. Hackel & Jean D. Simmonds  Bred by: Jean D. Simmonds  Total Champion Offspring: 11   CAN CH CATOMCO'S KITTY HOLIDAY ROMC (B)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Banchory Deep Purple ROM/ROMC   Dam: AM CH Banchory Billie Holiday  Total Champion Offspring:  5 CAN CH CATOMCO'S RAINCATCHER ROMC (D)  Sire: CAN CH Emphasis Rhythm Of The Rain  Dam: Catomco's Judy Holiday  Owned by:Marilyn O'Donnell   Bred by: Thomas and Gloria Cronin   Total Champion Offspring:  13   CAN CH CHATAGOLD BI STARLIGHT ROMC (B)  Sire: Banchory Black Light   Dam: Coba Silver Dragon  Total Champion Offspring:  5   AM CH CHENTERRA THUNDERATION ROM/ROMC  (D)  Sire: Chenterra Beauregard AM CD  Dam: Chenterra Commotion  Bred by: Jody Chenoweth  Total Champion Offspring:  15 CAN CH CHELSON ANNIE GET YOUR GUN ROMC (B) Sire: Am Ch Tara Hills Homebase Dam: Apple Acres Yes It's True Owned by: Laura Thompson and Jenn deBoer Bred by: Cindy Wilson Total Champion Offspring: 5 AM GCH/CAN CH CHELSON GOTTA WEAR SHADES, ROMC (D) Sire: Am GCh Weathermans Syringa Free Spirit Dam: Madselin Chelson Dynamique Owner: Diane Mitchell Breeder: Diane Mitchell Total Champion Offspring:  10 CH. CHELSON'S NORTHERN STAR, ROMC (D) 10   Sire:  Mindalyn Fifty-Fifty   Dam:   Apple Acres Yes It's True  Breeder: Cindy Wilson & Diane Mitchell  Owner:   Laura Thompson  Total Champion Offspring: 10 AM CH CHERDEN SOCK IT TO 'EM AM CD, ROM/ROMC  (D)  Sire: AM CH Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM/ROMC   Dam: Julaine's Wood Mist O'Cherden  Bred by: D & C Anderson   Total Champion Offspring:  18   CAN CH CHICWIN'S PROMISED VICTORY ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Sovereign Gonna Fly Now  Dam: CAN CH Chicwin's Promised Jewel  Total Champion Offspring:  5 AM.CAN.CH.CINDAHOPE TRADMARK TD, ROMC (D)  SIRE: AM.CH. MACDEGA SAUSALITO ROM  DAM: AM.CH. CINDAHOPE DESIGNER JEAN, NA,NAJ BREEDERS: Nancy D. Richard A. & Elizabeth Hildreth  OWNERS: Nancy D & Richard Hildreth & Megan Nelson  Total Champion Offspring: 10   CAN CH/OTCH CINDERELLA GYPSY OF RONAS HILL AM CD,CAN TD ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Magic Talisman of Pocono  Dam:  Aylmer Chorine ROMC  Total Champion Offspring:  5 CAN CH CLAN LASSLYN CARRYON ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Rorralore Winter Sport ROMC  Dam: Clan Lasslyn Morna Greer  Owned by:Marilyn Taylor   Bred by: Marilyn Taylor   Total Champion Offspring:  6 CAN CH CLASSY'S RHETT BUTLER WELCOME ROMC (D)  Sire: AM CH Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM/ROMC   Dam: AM CH Benayr Queen For A Day  Owned by:Marlene Krushlucki   Bred by: Francine Larante & Sylvie Robert   Total Champion Offspring:  15 CAN CH CLASSY'S SHADLARS DESERT STORM ROMC (D)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil ROM/ROMC   Dam: AM/CAN CH Classy's Beauty Cream  Owned by:Diane Riopelle, Kim Aston & Peter Culumovic   Bred by: Francine Larente   Total Champion Offspring:  13 AM/CAN CH CLASSY TRESTA BRONSON, ROMC (D)   Sire: AM/CAN CH Jade Mist Memorandum, ROM/ROMC   Dam: AM/CAN CH Tamara's Illusion  Breeder: Francine Laurente  Owner: Petra Skapa & Donna Roadhouse  Total Champion Offspring: 12   CAN CH CLOVERLEAF'S COUNTRY CHARM ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Charleen Acres Steve of Sheido  Dam: Cloverleaf's Sparkling Sherry  Total Champion Offspring:  8 AM/CAN CH COUNTRY LANE THE ENERGIZER ROM/ROMC (D)  Sire: AM CH Macdega Deniro  Dam: Macdega Monterey  Bred by: Deborah A Sullivan & Nioma Coen & Thomas Coen  Total Champion Offspring:  15 Crinan's Miss Independence ROMC (B) Sire: Am/Can Ch. Cub Hill Steel Wheels ROM/ROMC Dam: Crinan's Exclamation Breeder/Owner: Evelyn Susin Total Champion Offspring: 5 AM/CAN CH CUB HILL STEEL WHEELS ROMC (D) Sire: Am/Can/Jpn Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM, ROMC Dam: Ch Cub Hill Early Morning Rain Breeder: Susan Wolf Owner: Susan Wolf and Kim (Wagner) Unger Total Champion Offspring: 12 CAN CH CYNCHAR'S BLACKEYED PEA, ROMC (B) Sire: Am/Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco, ROM/ROMC Dam: Can Ch Talamar's Just A Moment, ROMC Owner: Cynthia Charbonneau Breeder: Cynthia Charbonneau Number of champion offspring: 5 CAN CH CYNCHAR ROCK THE CASSBAR ROMC (B) Sire: Willow Cove's Prize Patrol Dam: Can Ch Cynchar's Blackeyed Pea, ROMC Owned by: Michelle and Dale Rogowski Bred by: Cynthia L. Charbonneau Total Champion Offspring: 5      D     CAN CH DABRE'S GINGER SNAP CAN CD,ROMC (B)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Royal Oaks Winter Carnival  Dam: CAN CH Dabre's Cinnomen And Spice  Owned by:Brenda & Dan Christenson   Bred by: Brenda & Dan Christenson   Total Champion Offspring:  6   CAN CH DABRE'S CINNOMEN AND SPICE ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Shadland Midnight Classic ROMC   Dam: Shadland Encounter At Dabre   Owned by: Bred by: Total Champion Offspring:  5   CAN CH DAGGOT WINDSOR ROSE OF MANTOGA CAN CD,ROMC (B)  Sire: CAN CH Mantoga's Charmin' Billy Boy CAN CDX  Dam: Daggot's I Got A Name  Total Champion Offspring:   5 CH DALGARNOCH FASHION SATEMENT ROMC (B) Sire: Ch. Amberlyn's Basic Black Dam: Dalgarnoch Designer Treads Breeder:  Bettijane Flanagan Owner: Charlie Heward Total Champion Offspring:   5   Ch. Dalgarnoch Tarara of Amberlyn, ROMC (B) Sire:  Ch. Caranton's Red River Rising Dam:   Amberlyn's Peace In The Willow's Breeder:  Bettijane Flanagan Owners: Bettijane Flanagan and Maggi Redfern Pucci Total Champion Offspring:   5   DAWNODAY BLACKADDER QUEEN ANN ROMC (B)   Sire: Ch. Premiere Weeacres Tease Me, CC   Dam: Dawnoday Triple Crown  Breeder: Grace Barton & Joan Terris  Owner:   Grace & Darryl Barton, Joan Terris & Doug Werbin  Total Champion Offspring: 5   CAN CH DELAMANTHA'S DAYBREAK ROMC (D)  Sire: AM CH Calcurt Luke ROM   Dam: AM/CAN CH Delamantha's Desiderata  Total Champion Offspring:   22   DELAMANTHA'S DESIDERATASON ROMC (D)  Sire: CAN CH Sunbriar's Black Sabbath  Dam: AM/CAN CH Delamantha's Desiderata   Owned/Bred by: Carol Watt   Total Champion Offspring:  11   DELAMANTHA'S DOVE ROMC (B)   Sire: CAN CH Manor Pride's Ragamuffin  Dam: Delamantha's Desiree  Owned/Bred by: Carol Watt   Total Champion Offspring:  5   AM CH DIAMOND'S ROBERT BRUCE ROM/ROMC  (D)  Sire: AM CH Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM/ROMC   Dam: AM CH Diamond's Black Velvet  Bred by: Barbara J Byrd  Total Champion Offspring:   11   CAN CH DILHORNE FORTUNE ROMC (B)  Sire: ENG CH Antoc Sewalodge Spotlight  Dam: ENG CH Dilhorne Festivity  Total Champion Offspring:  5   DORON TAFFY'S ANN ROMC (B)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Keystone's Timmie Of Tarsus  Dam: Astolat Emblem's Taffy  Total Champion Offspring:  5   AM CH DUNDEE AMOS MOSES ROMC (D)  Sire: AM/CAN CH Dundee Famous Amos  Dam: AM CH Fiego Star Of Africa  Owned by: Lyndee L. and Robert J. Krivanek  Bred by: Wanda Steffens & Sherry Wadsworth  Total Champion Offspring: 22   Dury Voe Rhonda Rhonda Sire: Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco ROM/ROMC Dam: Dury Voe Treasure Island Breeder/Owner: Judith C. Kelsey Total Champion Offspring: 5 AM/CAN CH DURY VOE SCOTTSDALE, ROMC (D) Sire: Dundee Arizona, ROM Dam: Dury Voe Rhonda Rhonda, ROMC Owned by: Judy Kelsey Bred by: Judy Kelsey Total Champion Offspring: 10 AM/CAN CH. DURY VOE ZYDECO, ROM/ROMC (D)  Sire: AM CH Dundee Amos Moses ROMC  Dam: Dury Voe Sing'n The Blues  Owned by: Judith C. Kelsey  Bred by: L. Rich  Total Champion Offspring: 10  AGMCH DYNSTAR MYTHICAL CREATURE, CDX RAE XP AGSC SHDCH ROMC-P (B) Sire: Dynstar Macchiato Dam: CAN CH Dynstar Serenata Breeders: Helen Lorenzen & Leane M Lorenzen Owner: Kim Boyes ROMC-P
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