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CSSA Rescue Policy - January 2010

CSSA Rescue operations will be managed independently from the main operations of the CSSA. This approach was decided on after a year of review and many on line meetings and discussions. The following Motion 06-09 was made and approved:

"That the CSSA Fanciers Inc shall pass a motion at the first meeting of the board of directors in the New Year to set aside a sum of $2,000 to be allocated to Sheltie Rescue organizations as required. Upon receipt of a letter from a recognized Sheltie Rescue group requesting financial assistance the President, Vice President and a second signing authority may allocate up to a maximum $500 to that group, once per year."

The executive wanted to formalize rescue assistance without positioning ourselves to deplete our financial resources. Every year the club will vote to set aside $2000.00 in total. The donation can be for as little as $50.00 or as great as $500.00.

The money is given with no receipts required, however it is requested that we can report in our records an explanation of how the monies were spent or even a rescue story that can be published in our CSSA magazine.

CONTACT: Elaine Inkster